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We want you to succeed, so you can, in turn, go on to contribute to the well-being and betterment of others.

Nursing is such a unique and beautiful profession.
By helping one, one can help many.
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proud to be a part of that journey.

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A Message From Claire:

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to help thousands of nursing students with their exams.
The vast majority describe the HESI Exit Exam, and not the NCLEX, as their biggest obstacle towards graduation and realizing that dream of becoming a nurse...
I'm grateful to be able to help, as most of these students are incredibly hard working, disciplined, kind, and truly deserving of success.
If you don't know my story, back in 2008, I failed my HESI Exit Exam.
I was a good student, but I was underprepared. Perhaps I should phrase that differently. I was more than prepared, but for all the wrong things.
I had studied very hard in anticipation of the exam. Yet on testing day, all that prep didn’t get me anywhere. The HESI was nothing like what they taught me in nursing school, and nothing like what the review guides or mock exams had prepared me for.
I was not alone. 60% of my class failed their exam…
Some students were even forced out of our program, as they failed the HESI Exit one too many times, barring them from taking the NCLEX.
I felt my nursing school prioritized "first-time NCLEX pass rates" over the prospect of capable, but improperly-prepared, students.
Most importantly, I saw a gap between what was being taught and what was actually tested. I decided to change that (and my own exam results).
As a result, I went from failing my first Exit to passing with a top 1% score of 1046 and setting up my own program to help other students succeed too.
Now, 14 years later, my program has helped over 90% of students to succeed due to ONE THING…
The ability to have realistic practice - including detailed explanations - and being able to build on your weak spots from there…
If you're looking to pass the HESI Exit or one of the HESI Specialty Exams, this is the surefire path...
Here's the good news:
I'd like to invite you to try my online training program that will show you the entire step by step process to succeed on your HESI with 900 or more…
…and pass the NCLEX as a "side benefit"…
At my own risk.
That's right: if you actively use my program, yet somehow fail to pass your HESI, you will not be paying a cent (and receive a full refund).
So if you're serious about preparing for the HESI Exit (or Specialty Exams), then I`'m really looking forward to welcome you as a HESI Insider.
To get started, just click the link below…
It's that simple: join my online training program, START practicing, and you'll be on your journey to success!
You'll get to see the full system from beginning to end - NOTHING is being held back…
Click here to register today:
Get started now
To your success!
On behalf of the entire YBG team,

Our Students

Here are some of their success stories:

“I went through all 5 steps, all the exams, and I had my exit HESI today. I passed with a score of 997! Your program helped me a lot! The rationales are great - I learned a lot about test-taking strategies, especially how to read a question and pick a related answer 1 am so happy I will continue to practice on insider for my boards too."
Chicago, IL
“I just passed my exit. I had attempted 2 previous times before finding your program I followed the study areas did practice exams went into test with such confidence. I believe your rationale made the difference plus explaining how to answer the question being asked. Thank you all so much..."
Boston, MA

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